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Most Frequently Asked Questions about PearBudget

Does PearBudget have an iPhone app?

Does PearBudget have an Android app?

Does PearBudget have an BlackBerry app?

Does PearBudget have a mobile phone interface?

What’s this I hear about you buying me coffee and donuts?

Using PearBudget

I have NO idea how much I’m spending each month. I just want an expense tracker for now. Can PearBudget do that?

I use the cash-only/“envelope budgeting” method. How does PearBudget handle that?

I get paid biweekly, and haven’t found a budget program that works with that. Can PearBudget handle paychecks that come in every two weeks?

I have some money that I’d saved up from before I started using PearBudget. How do I record those savings, to show that that money’s available?

Where do I record the actual income that comes in?

How do I record refunds / rebates / store credit?

What’s the difference between “monthly” and “irregular” categories?

Can PearBudget auto-import my spending information from my bank account?

Wait. I enter receipts in by hand? Doesn’t that take forever?

I’d like to keep a copy of my budget / receipts on my own computer. Can I export my data to a spreadsheet (like Excel)?

Is there a way to export the entire year’s receipts?

I’d like to view all of the receipts I’ve ever entered into PearBudget. Is that possible?

How do I add a recurring receipt?

Is there a list of all my recurring receipts?

I’d like to print my budget out. Is there a “printer-friendly” version of my Plan/Review page?

How far ahead can I plan my budget?

How does editing this month’s plan affect past and future months?

What kinds of expenses should I enter? Should I include things like my mortgage? Or do I only enter in things that shift around (like dining out and entertainment)?

What are tags?

I have a tag and I want to change its name. How do I change a tag name?

Is there a way to view all of the tags I’ve used?

I’m using an iPhone, and the comma is on a different screen than the normal keyboard (which has a period). Can I use a period instead of a comma to split my tags?

Do you support multiple currencies?

How do I delete a category? Can I just make it “inactive”?

One of my “inactive” categories is showing up in the regular list. Why?

My Account

I’ve been using PearBudget for a while, but I’d actually like to start over from scratch. How do I do that?

I’m already a subscriber, and I need to update my billing info. How do I do that?

I’d like to subscribe using PayPal. Can I do that?

I’d like to close my PearBudget account. How can I do that?

About PearBudget

Who’s behind PearBudget? Why’d you make it?

Where does the name “PearBudget” come from?

Is PearBudget secure?

What browsers does PearBudget work on? What operating systems? Will it work with my computer?

The PearBudget Spreadsheet

Is the old PearBudget spreadsheet still available?

How do I start a new year using the spreadsheet?

More Help

I’m having some trouble. What should I do?