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Is PearBudget secure?

The entirety of our site is hosted on a secure server, using 128-bit encryption. When you log in, we set up a secure line for you to connect with our server, meaning nobody can intercept the information you’re passing through to the PearBudget database.

Furthermore, at no point do you put your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, online banking IDs, or bank passwords into PearBudget. We’ve built a tool that helps you do your budgeting. Period. PearBudget can’t access your online bank account, and therefore is not attractive to hackers or identity thieves. Your sensitive and private financial information stays at home with you, not online.

When it comes to billing, we don’t store the credit card number used to create your PearBudget account. We use a secure credit card processor (Level 1 PCI-compliant), and when it’s time for your account to renew, we submit your customer ID to them, and the order is passed on to your credit card company. We do not store your credit card number or other billing information on our servers.

We will not share, sell, give away, or otherwise distribute any personal information entered into the site or its databases, forms, or forums. This includes your e-mail address, password, budget, expenses, and any other data entered into the service.


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