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Can PearBudget auto-import my spending information from my bank account?

In a word: no. There are a number of other programs that do auto-import transactions. We don’t do it, for two primary reasons:

  1. Better Budgeting: The ultimate goal of PearBudget is to help align how you thinkyou spend money with how you actually spend money, in order to help you change your spending habits. It’s much easier to understand your spending habits when you enter your receipts yourself. When your budgeting is on auto-pilot, it’s way too easy for your spending to be on auto-pilot, too (that’s not a good thing).
  2. Better Security: It takes a lot of resources to make sure that a site with banking passwords is secure. We’re focused on providing a simple, secure budgeting resource, and we feel that incorporating bank passwords would compromise that. By not bringing your online banking passwords into the picture, we protect you and your money from any funny business.


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