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How far ahead can I plan my budget?

Planning ahead is tricky. It’s like driving down the highway: Rather than picking the one spot 1,000 feet down the road and driving without adjusting the steering wheel, you point in the right direction and make small course adjustments as necessary.

Similarly, each month you’ll want to make small tweaks and adjustments. Maybe gasoline costs more at the gas station, so you have to adjust the amount you’re budgeting for car gas. That, in turn, will affect groceries, or clothing, or dining out.

Because of all that, we limit how far ahead you can plan your budget — you can make adjustments for past months, and the current month, and one month into the future.

We know that limitation might create some frustration. We’ve found, though, that when there aren’t limits like that, users in their zeal create budget plans for months in the future that — once they get there ’ are totally unrealistic.


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