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How do I delete a category? Can I just make it “inactive”?

Here’s the most important thing about deleting a category: When you delete a category, you also delete all of the receipts (from all time) that were a part of that category. It’s totally fine to delete a category, and often that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. But if you want to keep your receipts from a category intact, and just not include it in your monthly budget anymore, what you’ll want to do is to make it inactive.

To either delete or “make inactive,” just do this:

  1. click on the name of the category (you’ll get a pop-up box with category details)
  2. click on the gray bar at the bottom of the pop-up (it’ll expand, showing you some more options)
  3. find either the “make this category inactive” or the “delete this category” section (depending on which one you want to do) and just click the button
  4. you’ll probably need to reload the page, as well

That should do it for removing the category. Remember: “deleting” a category is permanent, so only go that route if you’re sure that’s what you want to do. You can always delete an “inactive” category later on, but you can’t bring a “deleted” category back from the dead. We’re a strict no-zombie website!

One note on “inactive” categories — if you have any activity in an inactive category in a given month, the category will show up on your Plan and Review pages. That way, you can bring an inactive category out of retirement just by recording a receipt for it, or by setting money aside in a certain month. So if you’ve made a category inactive, but it’s still showing up on your Plan / Review pages, it’s probably because of some activity in the category in the current month.

Okay. One more quick note on inactive categories. To record a receipt in an inactive category, just enter it as normal, and when you get to the “category” dropdown box, look at the veeeeery bottom of the list of categories. You should see your inactive categories listed there.


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