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Frugally Blonde on PearBudget

“Giving increased attention to spending also required me to monitor our budget more and more precisely.  Especially for the last few months, since I started using Pear Budget, I have felt that every common expense in our lives is accounted for.  I don’t have to worry when  a bill arrives, since I know the money is […]

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Quote from Frugal Hacks

“The most important tool in your frugal toolkit, as I have said before, is your own attitude.” Frugal Dates | Frugal Hacks I don’t want to make it sound like budgeting should only be done by people trying to be frugal … I think everyone should budget. But I thought this was a good quote, […]

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Books on Budgeting?

A friend of mine is looking for books on budgeting, and I realized that I didn’t actually know of any good ones. Most general personal finance books (Dave Ramsey’s stuff for example) touches on budgeting, but there aren’t any books specifically about budgeting that I know of. Do you know of any? If I were […]

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The Current Frugality Trend

“I also think that the current frugality trend won’t last. When the economy recovers, people will start spending more again.” Trent Hamm, at The Simple Dollar I think he’s probably right.

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This is fun.

This is fun. Naomi, at Sustainable Mommy, posted about how using PearBudget saved her $15 on a single shopping trip. After returning home, she noticed something funny: It was when I looked more closely at the Goodwill receipt I noticed a charge for $24.93. I couldn’t think what that was, so I started digging in […]

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Welcome to 2010! Getting started with the new year.

So this is exciting. Last year, we had a convoluted process you could go through if you wanted to “reset” your budget for the beginning of the year. This year, we have a much more streamlined way to handle it. It’s possible there might be a few small bugs in this new process, so if […]

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