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Help Us Make PearBudget Better

The short version: Help us out by filling out a super-short survey. The slightly-longer version: Over the years, we’ve gotten some great input from users, about how we could make PearBudget better. We’ve collected lots and lots of suggestions for features that we haven’t been able to develop yet, but that we’re thinking about for […]

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A 2-Second Facebook Survey: those green bars under your categories … do you use them?

The other day, Sarah and I realized that we don’t actually use the little green bars underneath the category names in PearBudget very much. If you haven’t noticed them before (you wouldn’t be the only one), here they are: Sarah and I used to use them a fair amount, to see how much we’d spent […]

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Logging in to PearBudget from your iPod Touch or iPhone

If you’re having an issue with logging in to PearBudget from your iPod Touch or iPhone, could you leave a comment on PearBudget’s Facebook page? We’re trying to troubleshoot an issue a customer’s having, but haven’t seen it before, and aren’t quite sure what’s going on. Thanks!

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Tip of the Day! (what do you want to know?)

One of our biggest goals when developing PearBudget was (and is!) to make budgeting simple. And one of the things that makes most budgeting programs complex is that there’s so much stuff on the screen. So we’ve tucked away features and made the interface as simple as possible. So — yay! — there are gems […]

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Books on Budgeting?

A friend of mine is looking for books on budgeting, and I realized that I didn’t actually know of any good ones. Most general personal finance books (Dave Ramsey’s stuff for example) touches on budgeting, but there aren’t any books specifically about budgeting that I know of. Do you know of any? If I were […]

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Thoughts on the Printed Version of PearBudget?

We’ve gotten a few e-mails with requests that we modify the way that PearBudget prints out, so that it takes up fewer sheets of paper. Since Sarah and I don’t actually print out our budget often, we’d really appreciate input from people who do print their budgets. Do you like it the way it is […]

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Having trouble accessing PearBudget?

We’ve heard from one or two users who’ve had trouble accessing their PearBudget accounts in the last day or two. We’re trying to figure out which users might be affected, so we can diagnose the problem. If you’re having trouble accessing PearBudget (either the main site or your individual account), it would be fantastic if […]

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