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The Basics Behind a Budget That Works

Link: The Basics Behind a Budget That Works If Real Simple weren’t so focused on getting you to buy stuff to make your life simpler (?!), it might come close to being as good as Simple Mom. If that last sentence didn’t make sense (I’m only one coffee into the morning), let me rephrase it: […]

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You have enough.

You have enough. From Derek Sivers: Companies spend a fortune begging you to want their stuff. I won’t add to that noise. Retail therapy is the worst kind. I’d like to get 100 parrots and teach them to say “It won’t make you happy!” — then let them loose in shopping malls, big electronics stores, […]

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Emergency Binder!

If you happen to have some downtime (like, oh, if you’re waiting for PearBudget to move to its new server), you might take a minute to check out a new (free) project we’ve started up, Emergency Binder! As you’ve probably guessed, it’s a resource where you can gather important documents, records, and instructions for how […]

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Moving to a New Server

A quick note on our downtime: Our hosting provider, Media Temple, is currently in the process of transitioning PearBudget from it’s current “cluster” to a new “cluster” — this should make the site more stable, and faster (although I’m not sure how to interpret “faster” … will it be noticeable to humans? Or just to […]

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