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It’s been a while since we mentioned the GoCards

It’s been a while since we mentioned the GoCards here. In case that’s a new term for you, your Gocard is a printable 3×5 card with your budget categories, and how much you have available for the month. It’s kind of like the pared-down iPhone version of PearBudget for people without iPhones. (If you know the “hipster PDA,” it’s based off of that idea.) Anyway …

We’d been hearing from some of you that you had too many categories to fit on your GoCards. While, in general, we think it’s a good idea to try and keep your budget categories simple, we can understand that you sometimes need to have a lot of categories. So we added a new feature, and you can now select, for each category, whether you want it on your GoCard or not. (As far as features go, this isn’t a huge one, but I’d been telling a few of you I’d announce it on the blog once the feature was live, so … here you go!)

By default, all of your categories are “on” your GoCard, but if you want to turn them off, just head to the Plan or Review page, click on the category you want to take off your GoCard, and open up the “advanced controls” (that gray bar at the bottom of the pop-up). You should then see the button to click to remove it. (We’ll hopefully be refining this process down the road, so you can control it all from the GoCard page. For now, though, we wanted to get the basic feature out there so you could start using it.)

Speaking of the category pop-up box … in case you hadn’t seen it yet, that’s also where you can now make your categories “inactive,” and they won’t show up on your Plan / Review pages (but if you spend money on them / budget for them in a given month, they’ll show up again … but just for that month). That way, you don’t have to delete unused categories just to get them out of the way.

We have a few more features (including one or two big ones) in the pipeline, but we always love hearing from you with more ways we can make PearBudget better. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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