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Holy cats!

Holy cats! Tumblr apparently doesn’t tell you by e-mail that people have asked you questions. Just saw for the first time that a bunch of you have asked questions here and have been waiting for answers. So sorry about that! We’ll start replying to them, but if you need a faster response, feel free to […]

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How does editing this month’s plan affect past and future months?

Each month is its own special plan, built off the previous month’s plan. Editing a month won’t change past months. Let’s give an example. Say you were spending $200 on car gas for January through March, and in April gas spikes and you’re now paying $275, we want you to be able to adjust April, […]

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Writing About Money for Simple Mom

I’m excited to share some news with all of you. The amazing blogger Tsh Oxenreider, over at Simple Mom, has asked me to join a few other writers as contributors to Simple Mom in 2011. I’m excited about this opportunity — Simple Mom is one of my favorite blogs, and I’m hoping my pieces will […]

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