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Writing About Money for Simple Mom

I’m excited to share some news with all of you. The amazing blogger Tsh Oxenreider, over at Simple Mom, has asked me to join a few other writers as contributors to Simple Mom in 2011. I’m excited about this opportunity — Simple Mom is one of my favorite blogs, and I’m hoping my pieces will make it even better.

Specifically, I’ll be writing about money management for parents, with an eye towards keeping things simple and straightforward. I’ll probably be talking about allowances at some point, and I might stray into areas like “how on earth do we keep our financial papers and tax records in order for tax time?”, but I’m not totally sure in which directions my posts will go. They won’t be about PearBudget, per se, but they will cover some general ideas (“what is a budget, anyway?”) and give some specific, concrete tips. I’m totally open to requests, though, which brings me to my appeal.

If you have any specific requests or ideas you’d like me to explore, send me an e-mail ( or a message on Twitter (@charliepark or @pearbudget) and let me know. And posts I don’t put up at Simple Mom can always find their way here. I really want to make sure my posts are interesting, and are on topics that readers want to know about.

Anyway, I’m excited about this platform for sharing the good news about simple finances, and wanted to let you know about it! Let me know if you have any ideas for posts!

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