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40 Days of Water

This notice is about to scroll off the main page of the blog, so I wanted to re-post it. In case you missed it the first time: You can get a month and a half of free PearBudgeting if you 1) do a non-water-drink-fast with us and 2) donate the money you save to help get water to people in Africa. If you have a blog and are willing to spread the word about this, we’d sure appreciate it. And — let’s be honest — thirsty Africans will appreciate it even more.

Are you interested in doing 40 Days of Water with me? If you drink water for only 40 days, and you donate what you would have spent on non-water drinks to drill new wells and provide clean water to people in third-world countries, I’ll comp your PearBudget account for the 40 days. Let me know if you’re interested.

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