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A 2-Second Facebook Survey: those green bars under your categories … do you use them?

The other day, Sarah and I realized that we don’t actually use the little green bars underneath the category names in PearBudget very much. If you haven’t noticed them before (you wouldn’t be the only one), here they are:

Sarah and I used to use them a fair amount, to see how much we’d spent in the current month, versus how far through the month we were. But recently, we haven’t been using them a lot. I chatted with Ruth about it, and she agreed that they aren’t terribly useful to her, either.

Since we’re always looking for ways we can clean up the interface, we were wondering: do you use those bars? Have you even seen them before?

If you don’t mind adding a comment over at our Facebook page (here’s the place to comment), we’d love your feedback. So if you could reply, with two bits of info?

  1. Have you seen these bars before or not?
  2. Do you find them useful?

Any other thoughts you have on it would be great!

Thanks for your feedback! (And while you’re at our Facebook page (, we’d love it if you’d like us!)

Behind the music: The green lines are actually a type of information graphic that we developed, called Sparkbars. They’re a bar chart version of Edward Tufte’s Sparklines. I still think they have some utility, just, perhaps, not in this context. Or, absolutely in this context. That’s where your feedback is helpful!

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