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A better, safer, faster way to be online (Firefox)

Hi, friends! Charlie here. Just wanted to make a quick announcement.

I know a number of you use a program called Internet Explorer to get onto the Internet. It has a logo that looks something like this:

Because we care about you, we wanted to let you know about another program that you can use to get onto the internet. It’s called Firefox. (There are a few other good ones, too, but right now, we’re just talking about this one.)

Why should you use Firefox if you currently use Internet Explorer? Three main reasons:

  1. web pages you visit load faster in Firefox
  2. your computer is more secure from phishing attacks, viruses, and other bad things when you use Firefox instead of IE
  3. the sites you visit (including PearBudget!) look better in Firefox

All around, your experience on the Internet will be much better with Firefox.

If you currently click on the blue “e” to get onto the Internet, downloading Firefox is easy and getting started only takes a few seconds. They even let you import your bookmarks, auto-complete passwords, and other preferences from your current browser.

You can get the latest version of Firefox (Firefox 4) for FREE, by clicking here. It’s really super-easy, and you’ll be happy you did it. We promise. Go check it out.

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