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A Free Year of PearBudget for Furloughed Government Employees

Hey, Charlie here. I grew up in Washington DC, with one parent who’s worked for the US Government for longer than I’ve been alive (first the National Park Service, then the Smithsonian). I have a ton of respect for the work that federal employees do, and how they’re usually the ones who get the real work done while political appointees come through and “swoop and poop”.

An event like the Trump Shutdown has real impacts on real people, and even if backpay comes down the road, the economics of running a home gets a lot more complicated when paychecks don’t come through. I want to help.

In order to help out government employees, then, I have an announcement! Through the end of the furlough, I’m happy to comp a year’s worth of Pearbudget to any of the 800,000 federal government employees who have been affected by the shutdown. Once you create a PearBudget account, email me directly ( and just let me know ① what you do with the government, ② the email address for the account I’m comping, and ③ your favorite National Park or National Forest. I’ll hook you up. Thank you for the work you do.

(For anyone worrying if this violates ethics codes of conduct for government employees, it doesn’t: offers made to all government employees are exempt from the “no gifts” rules. You’re golden.)

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