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And now, for a poem

And now, for a poem, via Kelly at Almost Frugal (which you should subscribe to if you haven’t yet).

For Our Anniversary
Jason Tandon

Now that the flowers have dried and withered,

I will tell you that they were a re-wrapped

bouquet—severely discounted—

which allowed me to purchase

those two salmon fillets I glazed

with a bottle of maple dressing,

the crab cakes I served with a spoonful

of spicy mustard from the housewarming sampler

your mother had gifted us,

the package of pre-mixed chocolate chunk

cookie dough I baked from scratch,

and from a fundraising ballet troupe,

that banana nut votive candle

which lasted just the one night.

Nice, right? Relatable. To me, at least.

A few notes: This is by Jason Tandon, from his new-ish collection, Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt. On a personal note, I can’t stand “gift” as a verb, but I’m letting it slide this time, Jason Tandon.

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