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Can we talk?

I know that when you’re starting out with PearBudget (or any kind of budgeting), it’s easy to have questions — “I get a paycheck every two weeks, not once a month … how do I handle that?”; “does PearBudget have a mobile / iPhone / Android interface?”; “how do I handle refunds?” These types of questions come up all the time, and I suspect that many of our users have these questions, but aren’t sure where to turn for answers.

I want to be super-available to any of you have questions about PearBudget, about budgeting in general, or about anything else that I might be able to help you with. To that end, I’m now available for one-on-one instant message chatting, via Gchat. Just send me a chat request, at, and we can chat about whatever you’re wondering about. If you’d like to video chat (or IM) via Skype, just send a chat request to “charlieandsarahpark” and we can talk that way.

Basically, whatever format of conversation you want to have, I’m up for it. Whatever I can do to help you with your budgeting, I want to do it. Just let me know how to best get in touch with you! I’m here to help you be awesome.

Also, I’m going to be enhancing our Frequently-Asked Questions over the next few weeks. If there are any questions you have that you’d like to see me add in there, either send me a tweet (@pearbudget), a chat request, or an e-mail (again,


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