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Categories rolling over

Question: Have you ever thought of making monthly budget categories roll over to the next month if they were not used? Or if you have extra cash at the end of a month, include it as income in the following month?

Answer: We have, and we plan to. We try to not say too much about future features, mainly because we don’t always know how long they’ll take to develop. But one thing we’re hoping to add in 2011 is the ability to make any category “roll-over-able”.

For the time being, if you have a monthly category, and you want to see what it would be if it were rolling over each month, click on the category name (to get the pop-up box for it), and then click on the “year in review” tab in the pop-up box. This’ll show you the total inputs for the year, minus the total outputs for the year. That “total” number at the bottom should tell you what you’d have available in the monthly category, if it were rolling over. (I know that process is a little involved, though. If/when we get the “any category can roll over” feature in place, it’ll be a lot smoother for you.

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