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Cooking on a Budget (on Ask MetaFilter)

One of my favorite sites for eclectic advice is Ask MetaFilter. In a span of about 10 minutes, you can get everything from “help me find this book from when I was a kid” to “I’m having this problem with my estranged sister … how do I handle it?” to “help me find movies where the good guy turns out to be a bad guy” to “how do you get your kids to sleep through the night?” Also, part of the appeal is that the commenters are thoughtful, critical thinkers who often have very good insights on the problems at hand.

Today, there was a good post: “How do I shop and cook to maximize my grocery budget?

I won’t bring the answers over here apart from saying that there are a lot of votes for the Dave Ramsey Special (beans and rice), and a couple of good comments that suggest doubling the size you cook, then saving the second serving for a later meal. Also, there’s this helpful heuristic: Dried → Canned → Fresh → Processed. I feel like there’s a mnemonic waiting to be created for that one. Debt Can Feel Prettybad? Debit Cards something something? I’m not sure.

ANYWAY, go check out the question on MetaFilter if you’re looking for good cheap food options.

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