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Good article from Leo of Zen Habits

Leo, of Zen Habits, has a really good article/interview/guest-post-thingy at the Wage Slave Escape Manual: The 7 secrets of shedding debt & becoming a money Zen master. I’m not a big fan of the article’s title, and I fundamentally disagree with any article’s claim that “knowing these {number} secrets will make personal finance easy for you”, this is really a great piece, with solid advice.

One tip he goes over that Sarah and I do ourselves is that we pay bills as soon as they arrive. To be honest, we’re not organized enough to put bills off and then pay them later (but still getting them in before they’re due). By paying them as soon as they come in, we can be sure that we don’t run the risk of missing a payment.

Anyway, the post is here. It’s good. Check it out!

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