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Help Us Make PearBudget Better

The short version: Help us out by filling out a super-short survey.

The slightly-longer version: Over the years, we’ve gotten some great input from users, about how we could make PearBudget better.

We’ve collected lots and lots of suggestions for features that we haven’t been able to develop yet, but that we’re thinking about for 2013. Grouping categories into buckets, setting any category (not just irregulars) to roll over from one month to another, and developing new ways to import your receipts (without you ever having to give us your bank passwords).

But since we’re such a small team, though, we can’t build everything at once. We need some help prioritizing features. Would you help us?

We have a super-short survey, and we’d really love to hear your answers on it. It’s just a few questions, and shouldn’t take you more than a minute or so to fill it out. (We’ve left most of the suggestions off the list. Some are already in the pipeline, others we’ll hopefully get to later on. This list is a very short “ideas we like, but want to gauge our users’ need for” list.)

2013’s going to be a pretty cool year, and we can’t wait to get started on making PearBudget better. Fill out our four-question survey and help us get going!

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