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Introducing Ruth!

Back in late 2010, I made some noises about how we’d be bringing on some people to help us make PearBudget run a little smoother. I’m so excited to introduce to you our “Employee #1,” Ruth Szpunar!

We pride ourselves on a few things here at PearBudget. At the top of the list is customer service. We know that you have lives you need to live, and that any issues you come across with your personal finance software are going to be a problem. So when you contact us, we do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. (It’s not always as fast as we’d like, but we try!) As more users have come on-board, and as we gear up to make some big changes on PearBudget’s codebase, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to fully serve all of you whenever you have a question, a feature request, a concern, or a bug report. So we began to think about who we could hire who could make our customer support even better. We wanted someone who knew PearBudget inside and out, who likes helping people, who’s smart and able to understand the sometimes-cryptic questions we get, and who’s cheerful and engaging. We found all of that in Ruth.

Here’s a quick background on Ruth that we’ll be adding to the site soon:

Ruth Szpunar loves to save money. She’s an avid coupon clipper, and when she discovered PearBudget in October of 2009; she was an immediate fan. She’s worked in customer service for over 13 years and is thrilled to be joining the PearBudget team.

When Ruth isn’t busy chasing around her two energetic kiddos (ages 1 and 4), she works as a part-time reference librarian. She is a not-yet-recovering Facebook addict. When she manages to tear herself away from a computer, she enjoys reading cozy mysteries, and her favorite TV show of all time is Gilmore Girls. She owes the z in her last name to her husband—it’s actually pronounced spoon+are.

We are so excited to have Ruth on board. She’s going to be taking on most of the help requests that come in via e-mail, and she’ll also be handling much of the interactions with you guys on Twitter and Facebook, although I’ll still be on both of them, answering and chatting and whatnot. She’s also going to help us in a couple of areas (she’s already been encouraging me to set PearBudget up with a “real” blog, so stay tuned for that).

So if you have a burning question about PearBudget that you’ve been waiting to ask, now’s your chance. Just send us a message at, and you’ll get to hear from Ruth!

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