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Many Happy Returns

A good reminder at Frugal Hacks: Return Those Gifts! (and anything else you bought by mistake).

In the bustle of Christmas morning, it’s easy to throw presents into a box, and then get the box up to a room or suitcase or whatever, and to think “there are a few gifts in here we’ll deal with (return) later.” “Later” was initially going to be “a few days” or “once the crowds calm down.” All too often, “later” ends up becoming “never.”

As part of your pre-Christmas planning, find a place where you can put presents to return, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Bonus: Christmas gift-giving pro-tip: Tape gift receipts to your presents, to make it REALLY easy for others in your family to make returns / exchanges. It makes the entire situation a lot easier, and less awkward, when they know you’re okay with them making an exchange and getting something that’ll make them even happier.

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