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PearBudget and checkbooks

Question: I think that an awesome feature to add would be a way to use your budget entries to also balance your checkbook. I know that I can do it the way it is, but it would be great if that was an obvious, user-friendly feature on the site. I haven’t found any other tool that does both things simply and cleanly. I like the PearBudget interface, but I don’t want to do double-entry to actually balance my checkbook. Also, I like to enter bills ahead of paying them so I know what my lowest balance will be before our next pay day.

Answer: Thanks for the suggestion!  Sarah’s been saying something similar lately, that there could be a smoother way to balance your checkbook using PearBudget. We’re toying with a few interface designs, but if we ever do build something like this, it’ll probably be as an “opt-in” feature (meaning, you’d need to enable it on your account), so the interface doesn’t get too crowded for people who aren’t interested in it.

Any time we add a feature, it’s a tricky balance of making it work in concert with the current interface, and not overloading the screen with too much activity. So we’ll think long and hard about how to best implement something like this before we add it in. But we really appreciate your suggestion, so Sarah and Ruth and l will toss around some ideas internally to see if we can come up with a good solution for it. As always, we can’t make promises on when/if we’d come out with anything for this, but we’ll look at our list of features to develop, and will definitely be thinking about it.

2 responses to “PearBudget and checkbooks”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I second this idea. For many years, I used Quicken (desktop) to track expenses, budget, balance my accounts, etc. That was a hassle when I wanted to access the information from different computers. So I’ve tried finding the perfect web-based solution. There is none! I’m currently using Mint because it’s the closest I can come to having it all, but someone recently told me to try PearBudget and just relax a little about keeping track of how much is sitting in one account or another. Well, I know that better budgeting should give me some peace of mind that I have enough in my checking account, but I still would love the marriage of the PearBudget interface/attitude with an option to keep track of my checkbook’s bottom line. Go for it!

  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the feedback Mary Ann! We’ve definitely got this on our radar as a future possibility.

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