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Plan Your Peaceful Christmas (at Simple Mom)

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, hopefully there’s a “Christmas” category in your budget, and hopefully you’ve been setting aside some money for it so it won’t come out of the blue and throw everything out of whack.

But for those of you who’ve had to divert funds to other categories, or who weren’t thinking about December back in March when you set up your budget, Tsh at has some great advice, both for this year and for next.

For next year, she notes “This year, jot down every. single. expense associated with your holidays as you spend money, and next year, use that as a basic template for your holiday budget.”

For this year, she has a number of suggestions that are worth reading. Her whole piece is here — Plan Your Peaceful Christmas: Prepare the Budget — and is well worth checking out, especially if Christmas has been totally off your radar up until now.

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