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The Dance of Marriage

If you liked Charlie’s post at Simple Mom a few days ago, you’ll probably like a new column in the Wall Street Journal, “The Dance of Marriage” (or maybe that’s the first article’s name? Anyway …).

In this first article in the column, the author, Katherine Rosman, introduces a few familiar topics: “When we argue, it’s usually about currency, which in a marriage is about far more than dollars. It’s about time. It’s about whose agenda gets top billing. It’s about the divvying up of responsibility. It’s about an intricate system of checks and balances.”

It’s a good (and short) piece, and looks like it’ll be a good column. If you have a few minutes to spare (say, while we work on the PB server), you might give it a looksee.

P.S. Charlie wrote this blog post.

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