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I get paid biweekly, and haven’t found a budget program that works with that. Can PearBudget handle paychecks that come in every two weeks?

Absolutely. In truth, there’s a relatively easy way to budget when you get paid biweekly, and PearBudget works well with it: Just double the amount you get per paycheck, and consider that to be your monthly income. Then, twice a year, you’ll have a “bonus” paycheck that you can use to pay down debt or put towards your savings.

The downside to this approach is that you’ll have a slightly smaller amount to budget with each month ($80 less for every $1,000 in your paycheck). The benefits, though, are that you’ll have a much simpler budgeting process, and you’ll still get those bonus paychecks twice a year, which you can put towards Things that Matter. Since PearBudget isn’t tracking debt payoff or super-long-term savings, you don’t even need to enter the bonus paychecks into PearBudget.


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