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What’s this I hear about you buying me coffee and donuts?

Several times a year, we meet up with PearBudget users (one-on-one meetings) up and down the East Coast. We meet up at a coffeehouse, buy coffee and donuts, and talk about budgeting and how PearBudget can better meet your needs. We sometimes even give presents (like personal finance books or comped months of PearBudget service).

We meet up with users in Arlington, VA, and Wayne PA around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We meet up with users in Richmond and Williamsburg, VA, throughout the year.

Once a year, we’ll meet up with people in San Francisco and New York City.

Regardless of where you are, just e-mail us and we’ll see when we’ll be in your area, and to get on the meetup list (spaces fill up! after all: donuts!). We’re terribly friendly.


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